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How to attract customers through internet?

“I made profits of 8 million yen in one month!”

I achieved surprising profit when I collected customers by multiple routes.  I take a trip to all over Japan now and enjoy nomad life. 

By Mr.Sakagami from Tokyo


“I made profits of 8 million yen in one month!”

I achieved surprising profit when I collected customers by multiple routes.  I take a trip to all over Japan now and enjoy nomad life.

By Mr.Sakagami from Tokyo


“I have achieved monthly income 1 million yen by Internet business!”

I have made a big success after starting Internet business while doing a paper round. 1 million yen as my monthly income has become natural nowadays.

By Mr.Okada from Hyogo


“100 patients have been gathered through internet”

The world greatly changed after collecting customers through internet. I did not even think to be as effective like this.  

By Ms.Sugihara from Fukushima


The people introduced here, their previous job were a taxi driver, a paper carrier and so on.


I know to give customers a ride in the car all day long and it’s too tough.  I also feel like taking off my hat to him doing paper round from early morning whether rainy or sunny days. 

At present, however, you can work anytime anywhere with a PC.  This is the moment when "a place and time" are yours.


They all say the same thing together.


”I don’t want to get back to my previous life!”


Do you believe that they were only lucky so far?


The answer is “no”.


Anyone can obtain a similar result if you have a good homepage design for better selling to receive high quality internet access.


Besides, there will be no reason to start if it is available with low-budget.


In other words, the internet business is only a way that all people can equally challenge, and can collect customers without a risk with high possibility of increasing your income. You should know all about it if you see those success examples placed in my website.


By the way, my clients are from various types of industry. Not only internet entrepreneurs that covers most of my clients but also the office workers doing as their sideline business.


In addition, there are also people which their business have not been decided at the time when they are enrolled, but it may be better sometimes as there should be some hot businesses that can easily collect customers depending on the time and situation.


By the way, the people who have been enrolled are from the following industries.

・ Retail dealers
・ Service industries


In addition, a lot of people having a store are enrolled too. Chiropractic treatment house owners, medical providers, bakers, restaurant owners, kimono shop owners, private tutoring school owners and so on. Considering types of industry that have not been enrolled may be less than the types of industry enrolled in.


Since the above two genre cover approximately 90% of my clients, the other 10% of my clients cover IT business people, affiliates and the people who need collecting customers through internet.


Ok, then, the question is why only gold member can improve collecting  customers through internet?

 In fact, it is not a trivial thing. LOL 


Just simply arranging and applying past success and customers collection examples on each one of businesses.

Once again.

Just only taking past success stories and examples into account. (only for reference but not imitation)



As my gold members consist of people from a great variety of types of industry, a result will be given quickly by applying with some arrangements on their success stories and examples on how they collected customers.  Of course I will give you an advise on how to arrange those examples on your businesses.



For example, assuming that there is a great and successful example for the chiropractic treatment house and you will surely succeed when applying this to private tutoring school. This is because a method is identical at the point of the community-based business. Only the difference is its target.

There is no other paid organization giving success stories and examples with many types of industry gather with a genre called the Internet business and for myself, I have never seen such ideal websites before.  That’s why a number of intelligence successful network and its examples are more overwhelming than the one with the other internet business. The other internet business is performed will lead a member to the advantageous state.

※Examples and success stories on e-mail magazines are just one of the copies. Disclosure of important information with high secrecy is given only for the members.


If you want to see more details about how to be one of the gold members among great many types of industry, click the lower right button. In addition, for those who want to consult with Hiraga about attracting customers and how to build your original website before joining, click the left button. Hiragam myself will then reply you by email directly without letting my staff write it.









3 winners who won through up to my memory

Example 1 “The reservation is full for another 3 months.  One of the busiest building firms”

By Mr.Mitsuyoshi Touzan

Comment by Hiraga:


He is doing carport and the exterior related work in Gifu. Surprisingly, though it is in bad time in their industry, the reservation is full for another 3 months.


When he began collecting customers through internet, he could hardly expect such a situation.



Example 2 “80 new patients have been gathered through internet immediately after enrolling. 

Owner of Home visit chiropractic treatment house”

By Ms.Aimi Sugihara

Comment by Hiraga:

She is one of the most successful clients I have ever had and her webpage remarkably stands out in making a promise rate.


In spite of the treatment house location, where in Fukushima, she has collected more than 30 new patients after within 3 months when she became a member.


She is currently performing treatments more than 80 patients including repeaters now in a month.




Example 3 “Achievements improved by selling local products. Repeating is one the keys?”

By Mr.Kotaro Kurasaki

Comment by Hiraga:

He sells the Basashi (raw horsemeat) which is one of the  excellent local products in Kumamoto.


Basashi is his second product to be dealt with and he already won 2 out of 2 products in the Internet business where so many one-shot gamblers exist.


His third business got on track now, too.


What he is so splendid is that he is extremely good at getting customers involved and let them repeat.





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